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Introducing Ketogenic Bodybuilding

Soon after Robert Orion Sikes, competitive bodybuilder and CEO of Keto Savage and Keto Brick, won his first show, he spiraled out of control with disordered eating habits.

Sikes knew there had to be a better way. That's when he discovered the ketogenic diet and perfected it for the art of bodybuilding. Now, seven years later and after coaching more than 500 clients, he is detailing his story in his book, Ketogenic Bodybuilding to create a healthier narrative for mainstream ideals of bodybuilding nutrition.

Unleash the Savage Within

Ketogenic Bodybuilding is a book dedicated to those in search of better health and continual self-development. 

"This diet allowed me to discover true health," says Sikes. "I've gained a better relationship with food, increased mental clarity, and have seen less inflammation and my hormones stay in a stable range. Bodybuilding is one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports one could pursue, but the rewards and satisfaction at the end of it all are unparalleled. The lessons learned in bodybuilding transcend the sport itself and bleed into all aspects of your life. Being a bodybuilder is what gave me the foundation to become a successful businessman, husband, and find purpose, and became the backbone of my values. In order to do it properly, you should follow a nutritional protocol that you can adhere to long-term and create a lifestyle around, and for me, that's the ketogenic diet."

-Robert Orion Sikes, Keto Savage

in Ketogenic Bodybuilding, readers will learn 

• The seven phases necessary for successful contest prep and reverse dieting

• The mindset and manipulations required for success in each phase

• Nutritional meals with enough "caloric runway" to properly fuel the training demands

• How strategic ketogenic refeeds can control metabolism and help push through plateaus

• The three levers to manipulate for optimal cardio (and progressive overload training)

• Why safe "reverse dieting" after a show is as important as the prep itself

• The ins and outs of posing, tanning, exercise, supplements and more in multiple appendices


"Sikes's passion for natural bodybuilding helped him transform his body, overcome struggles with disordered eating, and instill a growth mindset to grow his business—resonated with me on many levels. Put simply, Ketogenic Bodybuilding is the only guide bodybuilders will ever need to optimize the keto diet to transform their bodies. This book is a beacon of light!" 

Dominic D'Agostino, Ph.D.
associate professor in the department of molecular pharmacology and physiology at USF Morsani College of Medicine

"Sikes cuts through all the bro science and urban myths surrounding the keto diet to give you the real talk. He knows of which he speaks and walks the walk, having used his keto knowledge to earn his pro card and coach countless clients on the subject. This book covers everything from mindset to any nutritional question you could have about ketogenic bodybuilding. This is the Bible of ketogenic bodybuilding."

Marcus Aurelius Anderson, 
mindset coach to elite CEOs, leaders, and entrepreneurs, author of The Gift of Adversity, TEDx and international keynote speaker and host of Acta Non-Verba podcast

"When it comes to ketogenic bodybuilding, Sikes is the world's number one expert on the topic. He's got years of experience under his belt and has proven the effectiveness of his methods with results. Being an outlier and a contrarian in the field of bodybuilding, he doesn't shy away from challenging the status quo and is expanding the collective consciousness of what we know about muscle growth. The book is an absolute gem for anyone interested in living the keto lifestyle while simultaneously getting after their dream physique."

Siim Land
bestselling author, speaker, and consultant

"Robert has truly mastered the art and science of preserving muscle while burning fat on a ketogenic diet. If you follow the seven phases in Ketogenic Bodybuilding, you'll get stage-ready without experiencing the drastic post-contest weight gain that's common when adhering to mainstream cutting regimes."

Mike Mutzel

"Never before has there existed an exhaustive and authoritative ketogenic bodybuilding guide like this. Finally, a clear-cut, how-to manual that will show you how to get leaner with more muscle and avoid the pitfalls in the process. My highest recommendation."

Shawn Wells, MPH, RD, LDN, CISSN, FISSN, 
author of the bestselling The Energy Formula, biochemist, dietitian, formulator, and ketogenic lifestyle proponent

"Robert Sikes is a force to be reckoned with in the world of ketogenic bodybuilding and competition prep! His tried-and-true ketogenic approach has proven itself very effective for countless competitors, myself among them. Utilizing his program, I was able to win my ‘pro card' and several other top three placings at natural bodybuilding competitions in 2021! His attention to detail is like no other. I highly recommended Robert's program!"

Greg MahleR 
current coaching client, and natural pro men's physique athlete

"Ketogenic Bodybuilding is by far the most comprehensive book there is with respect to ketogenic nutrition and building muscle intelligently and sustainably. It is unapologetic and innovative. I recommend putting this book in the hands of athletes and coaches as quickly as possible to avoid so many of the pitfalls I see people experience when trying to mix and match traditional methods with a ketogenic diet."

Danny Vega
MS, CEO at Fat Fueled Family

"Robert Sikes, the Keto Savage, is a fat-melting wizard! I have worked with Robert to prep for two shows now and as much as I initially sought out his coaching for his expertise and knowledge around bodybuilding and the ketogenic diet, I have been absolutely blown away by his ability to perfectly adjust macros to melt away fat while maintaining muscle and hormonal health! I trust him implicitly and would more than recommend his coaching and his book to anyone looking to use a ketogenic diet to prep for a show. I look forward to having him coach me again in the future!"

Jen Pittaro
current coaching client and natural pro figure athlete

"Ketogenic Bodybuilding leaves no stone unturned. Robert Sikes has brilliantly broken down every step of the process for proven results. No detail was left out and you can feel his passion, warmth, and humor along the way. As a doctor, it is important to me that athletes don't sacrifice long-term health for short-term gains. This book will change the world of natural bodybuilding for so many competitors."

Dr. Jaime Seeman
Doctor Fit and Fabulous

"I always believed that if you wanted to get stage-ready, you had to suffer through low libido and other hormonal issues following a traditional bodybuilding diet of chicken, broccoli, and rice. Robert Sikes broke that mold. Not only does he have the knowledge and information, but he also has the track record and physique to prove that a keto diet works for bodybuilders."

Andrew Zaragoza
co-host and producer of Mark Bell's Power Project podcast

"When it comes to the nuances of cutting on the ketogenic diet, especially getting to stage-level leanness, Sikes is the one coach everyone thinks about."

Nsima Inyang
bodybuilder and co-host of Mark Bell's Power Project podcast

"Robert Sikes is the godfather of bodybuilding on a ketogenic diet, and this book is a goldmine of information. If you want to take your physique to the next level and do it the healthiest way possible, you need to read this book front to back."

Jason Wittrock
fitness coach

"Finally, a keto resource for bodybuilders! Sikes is an expert when it comes to prepping bodybuilders and physique athletes using a ketogenic diet. Ketogenic Bodybuilding provides you with insights into Sikes's own nutrition, training, and mindset so that you can achieve your goal physique using a ketogenic diet!"

Chris Irvin
MS exercise and nutrition science

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